Which political figures from Hauts-de-France can enter government?

Among the many figures cited in recent weeks for joining or leading the new government, some are well known in Hauts-de-France. We consider the latest speculations.

Jean Castex had only a few days, or even hours, left before he left Matignon. While the successor name should have been known earlier in the week, rumors are rampant. A dozen women have been mentioned in the press several times as potential Prime Ministers in recent days. Some of these have been or have been selected in Hauts-de-France. Overview of the “ministers” of our region.

Three weeks ago, just after he was re-elected President on April 24, Emmanuel Macron sketched his ideal Prime Minister. “Someone committed to the social problem, the environmental problem, and the productive problem” and ideally a woman.

Since then, a number of political figures, both prominent and unknown to the public, have flourished in the columns of national newspapers. Emmanuel Macron assured that he will learn the identity of the future prime minister during a trip to Berlin (Germany) last week. Estimates continue.

In recent days, names of well-known female politicians have thus begun to circulate in Hauts-de-France. In today’s edition, sunday newspaper He mentioned Valérie Letard’s name. The 59-year-old Orchies-born senator has a long history in politics. He was vice-president of the Senate and member of the department council, former foreign minister under Nicolas Sarkozy from 2007 to 2010, president of Valenciennes Métropole, and then first vice-president of the district council under Xavier Bertrand.

His membership in the centre-right party Union of Democrats and Independents (UDI) and his remarkable presence at Emmanuel Macron’s inauguration could have been begging for him. But his lack of experience in environmental issues would play against him.

if the magazine Express He also mentions Valérie Letard among potential future prime ministers. other local personality: Caroline Cayeux, mayor of Beauvais, county of Oise. A former senator left the Les Républicains (LR) party in 2018 and supported Emmanuel Macron’s candidacy this year. This other asylum seeker from the right was also present at the President’s inauguration ceremony.

But according to national and weekly newspapers, neither Valérie Létard nor Caroline Cayeux will pack their bags in Matignon in the coming days. For sunday newspaper when it comes ParisianThe battle for the throne is opposed by current Labor Minister Elisabeth Borne and Catherine Vautrin, the President of Greater Reims and Foreign Minister under Jacques Chirac. Parisian he even believes he knows that the latter has accepted the post and is completing the formation of his cabinet.

Nothing is less certain for other ministries if Matignon does not accept a tenant from our area. according to our colleagues ParisianThe new government, which should be known by Wednesday, will consist of 16 ministers (men as well as women). And among the new faces we can find Caroline Cayeux, mayor of Beauvais.

Other local personalities such as Dunkirk mayor Patrice Vergriete and Calais mayor Natacha Bouchart (LR) have seen their names mentioned here. Both were present at Emmanuel Macron’s investment ceremony.

He approached another local political figure to integrate his new government team: Oise’s deputy, Eric Woerth. The recent split from the Republicans also has a long political career. Minister of Budget and then Minister of Labor under François Fillon, he has since 2017 been chairman of the powerful Finance Committee of the National Assembly. But according to politicsThe former secretary-general of LR disagrees with LREM, especially because of Nicolas Sarkozy’s indictment in the case of Libya funding his campaign.

Finally, it could be François Decoster, Mayor of Saint-Omer, considered “Macron compatible”, the socialist Denain Anne-Lise Dufour-Tonini, or the head of the Somme department (former LR, today variously right) Stéphane Haussoulier. they will make a surprise entrance into the next government.

The outgoing government proudly placed Hauts-de-France. Five members were from the region, with the exception of Alain Griset, who resigned last December, and Agnès Pannier-Runacher, who only had ties to the region through his partner.

this is the last It was also expected to be invested by the presidential majority in the next legislative elections to be held in the 3rd district of Pas-de-Calais. But it is his wife, a former socialist from Béthune Nicolas Bays, who will ultimately run for the deputy constituency. Which indicates that the current Minister of Industry can be reappointed to the next manager? Several media are betting on it.

Penalty shooter Eric Dupond-Moretti will also not run for the legislature. According to this ExpressThe northern ministry is very eager to continue her adventure. But the many controversies surrounding his act as the Keeper of the Seals could have ousted him from power.

The other four are good candidates. Laurent Pietraszewski is in the North’s 11th constituency, which he won in 2017. Brigitte Bourguignon will seek a third consecutive run in the 6th of Pas-de-Calais, just like Barbara Pompili in the 2nd of the Somme. Gérald Darmanin is his candidate for the 10th district of the North, where he was elected MP in 2012. He is replaced by the current MP (Agir) Vincent Ledoux.

However, their candidacy does not put an end to the government adventures under Emmanuel Macron. For example, it’s hard to imagine Gérald Darmanin sitting on the benches of the Palais Bourbon for the next five years. After the general elections to be held on 12 and 19 June, the government will most likely be enlarged and reshaped according to the results. Undoubtedly bringing back its fair share of speculation, then surprises.