Why is Kylian Mbappe staying at PSG?

21 May 2022 23:21 changed to 21 May 2022 23:33

Tensions ended before the final game of the season and a ceremony at the Parc des Princes to celebrate PSG’s tenth French title. Ideal timing for the capital club, which, like many, has long believed that Kylian Mbappé will continue his career at Real Madrid. The 23-year-old French forward will stay in France. in Paris. his city. At the Parc des Princes. His home. It’s where he whistled at the start of the season, was applauded on Saturday and will now become an icon. The officialization, which went into action six hours ago after a tense day, took place on the turf just before he faced Metz, where he hit his mark with a hat-trick.

Another earthquake on the football planet caused by the Qataris. Beyond the numbers mentioned (up to eight zeros for the signing bonus), the situation is enormous. Politics like never before. Qatar is hosting the World Cup at the end of the year, and after spending billions of dollars on football, it has done everything not to let its No. After eliminating PSG, but also Chelsea and Manchester City, according to possible scenarios.

PSG got its revenge where it was strongest: behind the scenes

For Florentino Pérez, it’s an understatement to admire Mbappé after Erling Haaland chose Manchester City. Real’s boss has made a lot of concessions, especially regarding the image rights that have been his trademark since the Galacticos era. It was also a matter of reaffirming that the White House remained where the big players wanted to be, despite the host states’ new deal and its failed coup against UEFA. To write the rest of the story in a brand new Santiago-Bernabéu.

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Humiliated after 150 minutes of dominance on the pitch in March, PSG got their revenge where they were strongest: behind the scenes. I’m not sure this increases the degree of love in Europe; La Liga has also filed a complaint with UEFA. The capital club always achieves their goals, like stealing Neymar from Barcelona in 2017, then slowing his return to Catalonia as last summer with Mbappé seeking the exit voucher for Real in 2019. The privilege of belonging to a state that can make the impossible possible with a single click. For more than two years, the expansion of Bondynois has been erected as an absolute priority. On the stack, Neymar’s was down and yet the Brazilian was the first to extend his contract…

Mbappé had assurances about both the sports project and how the club would be restructured. Everything will be built around it. “It becomes the cornerstone of the project. […]on and off the field », forwarded PSG. Mauricio Pochettino’s future seems sealed for a long time, with one year left in his contract. Who will replace him? Zinédine Zidane’s name continues to circulate despite denials. What about Leonardo, the sports director? The trend is starting. These questions will soon find answers. According to the latest news, president Nasser Al-Khelaïfi is expected to speak in several European media, perhaps by Monday.

For months, the trend of one day is opposite to the trend of the next.

In Paris, the Mbappé file is partitioned so that the addressees have a minimum number of information. In the player’s entourage, those who knew were counted with the fingers of one hand: The interested party, his mother, father, lawyer; for the rest… For months, the trend of one day contradicts the trend of the next day. The most extraordinary thing about the final hours of this soap opera was that the two clubs in the run looked as nervous as their tens of millions of supporters. But for forty-eight hours, Madrid had doubts as Paris prepared to announce the tremendous news…

This happy ending was in the air on Friday evening, but the discussions between the two sides came to a dead end until late at night. Sticky points regarding the final details of the contract persisted when discussions resumed yesterday morning and were lifted in the afternoon. Kylian Mbappé called Florentino Pérez to inform him of his decision, as explained by Marca, who posted the information online a few minutes later. Starting from afar after this painful season, PSG stalled prematurely in the Champions League.

At the beginning of May, while we detected positive signals on the Paris side in the discussions on the extension, we always evaluated the chances of success in the same way: one in two. On the success of the operation, without going any further. At the end of April, the actor’s mother, Fayza Lamari, went to Qatar, the case had not particularly advanced on this occasion, even if we were sure from behind the scenes. somebody Parisian (“Well tuned to the end”) forced the latter to reject a deal in principle and to tip the odds in a secession camp. Not because the lines have shifted, but because it was a logical continuation of his desires for another place last summer.

Mbappe rejecting Real may have killed his childhood dream

Real has been leaking his peace of mind about this for months. The French forward had to sign his deal with the club that had dreamed of him since childhood. That was not the case. Two weeks ago, confidence was at its highest. A few days after the idea of ​​the extension in Paris came up, Mbappé had the mischievous idea to treat Madrid and not hide it. It’s as if she played a feed on a soap opera that would affect her image outside of France.

Being upfront and clear about Kylian’s fate, the Mbappes have always posed as masters of the clock. Such was the case when he signed his first professional contract at Monaco. Then, five years ago, when he left the training club looking to sell himself to Real Madrid while considering a break in Paris; finally landed in the last hours of the transfer window. Mbappe may have killed his childhood dream by rejecting Real. The train passed in 2017, 2021 and 2022… The French, who made a commitment until 2025, also signals that his future will return to the table very quickly. Next summer or next summer. I’m not sure the doors of the White House are still open. Another good news for Paris.