Why should athletes have well-groomed feet?


Lack of awareness of the importance of using the feet is a recurring problem for many athletes. Feet are demanded in most sports, even if they are not used directly for the activity being performed. Often neglected feet are spared and their good behavior contributes to sports performance.

Why take good care of your feet while doing sports?

The legs are the strongest members of the body long before the arms or the back. The feet are a direct extension of this and are the guarantor of the athlete’s overall stability.

Therefore, it is important, even necessary, to provide daily care that will prevent many disappointments. You can learn more about Sante Pied.

Increase comfort during and after sports

“Healthy head in sound body” is also understood as “healthy body in sound feet”. Depending on the type of sport practiced, the feet require more or less effort. 80% of sports activities mostly use the feet and some are particularly abrasive. The comfort of the athlete is therefore closely linked to the care of his feet.

Imagine a half marathon with one leg amputated: pain, discomfort, distress, and consequent poor performance. Now imagine the same half marathon with this less cut: a sense of speed, lightness and the best time ever achieved. Well-groomed feet are also a guarantee of post-exercise comfort.

There is nothing more unpleasant than having an overgrown nail nicking the next toe. This injury, although minor, prevents you from wearing your brand new shoes that you bought specifically for a friend’s wedding this weekend. And if your photos end up on Instagram too, you won’t want to neglect your feet while wearing open shoes.

Respect other athletes

Many sports are done barefoot. Others put their feet in direct contact with partners or competitors. Well-groomed feet are a sign of respect for other athletes. There is nothing more irritating for combat sports than being scratched by bad or uncut nails.

In kickboxing, a scratch on the face in high kick is never pleasing to an opponent. Remember that there are no open wounds, warts or fungus because your training partners or competitors will not appreciate the gift you leave them.

What are the best practices for caring for your athletic feet?

As we said before, doing sports is inseparable from good plantar hygiene. Here’s how to move forward to have healthy feet every day.

Wash your feet to maintain general hygiene

Washing feet while athletes take a shower is often sloppy or even forgotten. However, it is important to pay special attention to them. A simple pass under the water won’t get rid of toxins found in perspiration or dead skin that hasn’t been excreted.

Take time to wash your feet through the malleolus from heel to toes. It is certainly much easier to sit in the tub than in the shower to be more effective at washing your feet.

If necessary, get a sink to do a special treatment for the feet. Drying is also important. Most fungi or warts thrive in moist environments. It is common and quick to wipe after a shower, neglecting feet that dry out in the open air.

Tall, restrictive, you have to take the flamingo’s yoga position and balance yourself to wipe one foot then the other. Boring and unnecessary! So go for a short drying cycle so as not to wet the floor and sit quietly to properly wipe your feet, removing all traces of moisture.

Take regular foot care

Washing and properly drying your feet isn’t the only way to keep them healthy. They should be the subject of special care to improve their appearance and general behavior.

Prefer short nails. A toenail grows four times slower than a fingernail, or 0.125 millimeters per week. Supposedly there is nothing, and therefore it is often forgotten. Yet it curls up, grows anarchically, then hardens and injures the athlete himself. The horn is also avoided.

It is considered a protection, the hiker values ​​it, virtues against blisters. It actually spreads and gets stronger until it becomes the horn that all athletes fear.

That’s why it’s good practice to use a foot file during or after a shower to remove excess calluses and restore skin’s elasticity.

The easiest way is to call a specialist and get a regular pedicure. Hello guys, pedicure is not only a women’s privilege, it also appeals to you, and besides the enjoyable time you will spend getting your feet treated, the benefits you will derive from it will give you plenty of sports performance!


As a result, many athletes forget to take care of their feet, often due to negligence or lack of time. Far from being inevitable, this situation can easily change over time, thanks to daily reflexes that are easy to implement and maintain.