Will Alvan and Ahez end the French curse? Follow and comment on the competition with us

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22:27 : Lithuania and Belgium are vying for the next James Bond movie…

22:26 : He is from Antwerp and against all

22:25 : Jérémie Makiese has been the goalkeeper in Belgium D2 since the start of the season. We hope that at the end of this final, Thibaut Courtois (the Red Devils goalkeeper) will not face the seum. Anyway, the Belgians are struggling mostly in the semi-finals and in the latest news, France didn’t send Samuel Umtiti to push the song.

22:25 : #kalush “Help Mariupol, help Azovstal now”

22:25 : Here is the video of the call of the Ukrainian singers at the end of their song.

22:23 : Ok.
We love you.
Thanks gun deoc’h holl! #bzh #Eurovision @Eurovision @EurovisionF2

22:23 : The atmosphere is more relaxed in the French camp 😉

22:22 : The French make me feel inferior with their elegance. I’m trying to remind myself that ‘no one can make you feel inferior without your consent’ but it doesn’t help because the big thing is, I’m giving explicit consent. #Eurovision Also, this song is beautiful too. 🇬🇧

22:22 : The author of Harry Potter loved the French song: “The French make me feel inferior with their style (…) This song is very successful”. JK Rowling, don’t forget to vote 6 if you read us!

22:21 : Remember those little platforms you used to sit back-to-back with your classmates for class photos? Azeri singer Nadir Rüstemli, who was nostalgic at the time, spends three minutes of his song there but all alone. It is effective, clean, but should not protrude too much from the drooping stomach.

22:21 : Class and talent, congratulations my Lithuania

22:21 : I was going to say, our national Mireille is really rejuvenated! and it has grown! (with respect to him)

22:21 : Did Lithuania make a mix of Lili Marlène and Mireille Mathieu?

22:20 : Well, Lithuanian contestant Mireille Mathieuoviks, do you like it?

22:20 : As in the semi-final, the Ukrainian commentator speaks from a bunker. The photos were just posted on Instagram.

22:18 : Unsurprisingly, Germany sticks to its strategy of doing everything so as not to hold the competition next year. He will see it eventually.

22:18 : How is German, is it not very difficult to pass after Ukraine? #Eurovision

22:18 : Note that the draw is not in favor of the German competitor.

22:17 : For the record, this Lithuania is singing in Lithuanian for the first time since 1994, when the national language was made compulsory.

22:17 : No, it’s not a clone of Mireille Mathieu who stepped onto the scene, but Monika Liu, who finished 40th among the bookies before the semi-final and qualified perfectly. Will he continue “remonikada” in the final?

22:17 : Honestly, Ukraine’s performance is not bad and shows originality (which is also a criterion, isn’t it?). Then everyone has their own taste, but Ukraine ticks many boxes regarding the “official” criteria of the competition. On less formal criteria, whatever the theory, in reality Eurovision is always political, so even if the vote is political, I don’t quite understand why it would be more “serious” than other years. ..

22:17 : Ukraine was unanimous in the comments!

22:16 : frankly for the Germans there is no budget for musicians

22:13 : Eurovision is a song contest held in 25 countries, and it is Germany that finally takes over its stupid hat. A sign of the misery of the scene, the hapless Malik Harris finds himself on stage having to manage half a dozen instruments. Reducing staff, we had to respond to the one-man group.

22:13 : The people of Turin seem conquered, and so am I! 🇺🇦

22:13 : Well folded. And a really nice performance.

22:14 : I was told that the singer said a few words in English: “Help Mariupol, help Azovstal now”. It’s a departure from the apolitical of Eurovision, but I doubt they’re to blame.

22:14 : The Ukrainian singer just said something about the Azovstal factory in Mariupol, but I did not quite understand what he was saying, my Ukrainian is quite rusty. I’ll find out and let you know.

22:10 : I don’t want Ukraine to win, I think there are many more beautiful songs

22:10 : I didn’t know that Jamiroquai was Ukrainian.

22:10 : #eurovision The ukrainian singer’s candy pink hat is beautiful

22:10 : Note that Ukraine is the only country that ALWAYS qualifies for the final in every entry.

22:09 : Ah but also Ukraine is nice, it wouldn’t be more shocking if they win

22:08 : Ukraine! We think of all Ukrainians! 🇺🇦

22:07 : @Yeah yeah I agree with you 😉

22:07 : Beautiful ! Holland !

22:05 : A few years ago many singers were underdressed, this year it seems rarer, so the Spanish performance has a more “subversive” character

22:04 : Note that this is the first song available in Dutch since 2010 (and before that you had to go back to 1998).

22:04 : Tip for humming at home. It starts easy with the chorus “Tadada dadadadada, dada dadadadada, Tadada dadadadadada, Oehoe aha” and then it goes bad “Yesterday in diepte hoor ik steeds maar weer je naam” (that means “Even in the abyss I still hear your name.”)

22:03 : Did you think Johann Cruyff’s language was unsuitable for ballads? Mistake, with a beautiful song from Diep Talking about the depression that the singer went through when she was younger, S10.

22:03 : Switzerland, Norway and “Bon Jovi” Finland are quite beautiful. Will Norway dance on Tiktok soon?

22:03 : He should tell the lady that he forgot his pants. It’s not nice to let him go on stage without telling him.

22:02 : @Etienne Ireland scored a hat-trick between 1992 and 1994, when Israel won back-to-back in 1978 and 1979 but failed to host in 1980.

22:01 : Incredible Italy.. Have you ever had a country win twice in a row? Considering how much it costs, I don’t think so :p

10:00 in the afternoon. : If you like GRS, if you like loose suits, if your childhood dream was to be decorated with rhinestones, you can find that lots of sensuality never hurt anyone, in short, if you love everything but music. Interest in SloMo by Cuban-Spanish singer Chanel. I’ll put you in the mood: I don’t.

21:58 : Diodato’s song was really great but Blanco and Mamhood are extras… Forza ragazzi

21:58 : In 2006, when metal band Lordi came onto the scene… and there were French commentators who said Viking-looking metalheads had won. Never say never.

21:57 : Good Eurovision won’t take place in Italy next year.

21:55 : Hello. At the risk of spoiling the atmosphere, I’m not really a fan of the Breton band I just heard. I’ll need something other than Celtic in techno mode to seduce me.

21:55 : Bravo @alvan_music & @ahezmusic it was amazing! We are with you 🎶👏🏻💕#Eurovision 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷