Will World War III break out? Latest developments in the tension between Ukraine and Russia

The whole world is watching with concern at the boiling point of tension in Ukraine that inflames fears of war.

It is believed that Russia will attack starting from the capital, Kiev, possibly tomorrow, triggering the start of World War III.

War fears increasedCredit: Getty

Will World War III break out?

Intelligence sources said Moscow could attack from all sides at any time, given the huge power stacked on the border.

Foreign Minister Liz Truss warned that Europe was “on the brink of war” and said she feared President Vladimir Putin would “not stop in Ukraine”.

Russia has staged a spree of new military deployments and war games in recent days near the Ukrainian border.

The chilling footage showed hundreds of paratroopers falling from the sky during exercises in the Kostrama region.

US intelligence suggests that Russia will invade Ukraine on Wednesday, February 16, 2022 at 3 a.m. (1:00 a.m. UK time).

But Britain and the US insisted there was “a window for diplomacy”, saying there was still hope for peace.

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Putin said Russia had no intention of attacking Ukraine, but made no statement about the approximately 130,000 soldiers stationed on the border.

Russia also sent troops to Belarus, a close ally, saying the deployment was part of joint military exercises.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, civilians, including children, are preparing themselves by learning to use weapons.

On February 14, 2022, the British were warned to leave Ukraine before a possible invasion.

The prime minister promised to do everything in his power to stop a Russian invasion, while urging Vladimir Putin to “step back from the brink”.

President Joe Biden warned Putin of “quick and serious costs”, fearing Moscow was looking for an excuse to invade.

Putin had previously warned that a nuclear war could break out if Ukraine joined NATO and accused the West of “totally disregarding our concerns”.

Moscow has amassed a large force on the border


Moscow has amassed a large force on the borderCredit: Getty

Here’s what’s happened so far:


  • 14th February: Fears of invasion are increasing rapidly as the Russian army is deployed on Ukraine’s northern, eastern and southern borders.
  • February 13: Boris Johnson hosts a series of phone calls with world leaders as tensions flare.
  • February 7: Putin is meeting with Emmanuel Macron to reduce tensions in the region.
  • February 2: US sends 3,000 troops to support Europe
  • January 29: Prime Minister doubles forces on Ukraine border
  • January 26: Moscow deploys 20 warships and 1000 paratroopers to the Ukrainian border
  • January 3: Britain, Russia, USA, China and France said in a joint warning that ‘no one can win a nuclear war’


  • December 23: Putin announces new alliance with China
  • December 7: Moscow is placing tanks, snipers and bombers in Ukraine
  • 1st of December: Putin orders US officials to leave Russia
  • 14 November: 100,000 Russian soldiers landed on the country’s border
  • 19 October: Russia held large ‘occupation’ exercise in Crimea
  • 19 June: Ukraine will join NATO
  • 14 April: Russia moves landing craft from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea for the first time since the end of the Soviet era

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