WWE 2K22: putting the 2022 vintage pack into game mods

Game News WWE 2K22: putting the 2022 vintage pack into game mods

The WWE 2K license is back this year with new content that will entice fans all over again. A look at WWE’s journey and what’s new in this 2022 release.

These last few years have been chaotic for the notorious license dedicated to wrestling, which resulted in it falling into the hands of publisher 2K Games to take over the THQ teams and bring the series back to shine. Fightful’s Mike Straw even says that the results of the latest installment could lead to a new change and take Electronic Arts’ side. As WWE 2K22 has just entered the catalogs of the various machines involved, nothing has been done for now. The developers thus offer players the opportunity to use their skills in at least six different game modes, including a few new features detailed below. It remains only to wish that the different options offered in this WWE 2K22 opus can convince the players.

WWE 2K22: putting the 2022 vintage pack into game mods

2K Showcase with Rey Mysterio

This mode specifically lets you relive the defining moments surrounding Rey Mysterio’s best-known matches during his 20 years in the WWE. 2K Showcase lets you watch interviews between each match. 2K states that a new technology called Slingshot makes it possible to offer an optimal transition between game phases, moments when the player achieves goals and the most emblematic sequences of Rey Mysterio’s career.

my MG

This is a novelty that WWE licensing fans are looking forward to making happen, which enables you to become the General Manager. Already available in NBA 2K games, this functionality lets you choose from five available MGs or create one. The possibilities announced include creating a roster of wrestlers, managing budgets, choosing different types of matches, locations of battlefields… The goal is to beat another MG in weekly score battles and then reach the iconic WrestleMania event.

my faction

This is again a new single player mode that allows you to build and improve the performance of a team of four Superstars and WWE Legends. Developers announce possibilities for customization (logos, wallpapers, nameplates…) and additional rewards thanks to each My Faction submod (such as weekly tours and faction battles) updated on the 1st of each month. Collectors can also find new themed card packs that feature Superstars and Legends regularly available.


This mod follows a WWE Superstar’s journey after his debut at the WWE Performance Center. Various scenarios have been proposed for the women’s or men’s episodes, including unique stories that offer to accompany Superstars and Legends on their journey of blessing.

universe mode

This mod aims to provide the most complete customization of the gaming experience. Possibilities such as control of divisions, PPVs, match results, competition have been mentioned… to follow the participation in the championship match.

Creation Mode

This is an existing mod that returns by bringing all new cross-platform creations from the WWE community. Dedicated to creators, this section highlights a player and their content. It allows you to vote for a creation from the community, in particular, it offers a ranked mode and an assistant for optimizing the creation of a Superstar, it is very different in our image or vice versa, thanks to various options.

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