Yes and start-ups from Alpes-Maritimes focus on the environment

Robotics, artificial intelligence or ecological topics… There are and young exiles established in Alpes-Maritimes take part in the VivaTech fair. It is Europe’s largest trade fair dedicated to new technologies. They emphasize the environment with the help of the Provence-Alpes Côte d’Azur region.

It’s a tricolor CES that ends this weekend in Paris. After the massive digital audience in Las Vegas in January, professionals in innovative technologies gathered at Porte de Versailles this week. VivaTech 2022, which will end today on Saturday, June 18th, has established itself as Europe’s largest technology meeting. summit, 149 countries were represented.

The Provence-Alpes Côte d’Azur region was there, and a number of start-ups from the Côte d’Azur also had the opportunity to open. a regional platform designed to facilitate innovation: SudPlace.

For the nuggets of the Côte d’Azur, this unmissable event VivaTech has transformed a necessary growth lever for their development.

For Valérie Tiersen, creator and chairman of Green Score Capital, his company’s presence seemed obvious this week in Paris.

“This is our second participation in Viva technology. We wanted to repeat the experience because it is true for us that this is an opportunity. to meet potential partners, to be closer to large groups, but also to meet investors. This is an event that will combine three commercial, financial and partnership dimensions.” explains the business manager.

The director of Green Score Capital spent three days with this Delegation from the region, with 35 other invited companies.

“The ecosystem in the Southern region is coordinating this event and giving us as much support as possible. We can see that there is real expertise in the region because this is not their first time at the show. In terms of locations, visibility for start-ups, even in the stadium in terms of events in the region. For example, He especially held meetings with Israeli funds that came to greet us. There is also the Ministry of Ecological Transition, passed, or the Arbois Méditerranée environmental technology park located there… All ecosystems are linked for this eventwhether public authorities or accelerators and French Tech Toulon and Aix-Marseille.Lists Valérie Tiersen.

I think our public actors really understood the importance of helping us, private companies. It also promotes the region, talents, skills and helps attract young people to our industry.

Valérie Tiersen, Head of Green Score Capital

Start-ups on the Côte d’Azur don’t hurt to be compared to more respected French technological castles like Grenoble or Paris. Their organization would almost become an asset, especially when it comes to recruiting.

“There is the desire to regain some meaning and quality of life of new abilities. We’re about ten people and we’re getting hired!” Toulonnaise pleased Valérie Tiersen.

Célia Paris, head of communications for the company that developed Bodyguard, the Nice app that fights hateful content, agrees: “We are based in Paris, Marseille and mainly Nice, and there are 30 of the 45 staff members. There have been people who have migrated from their own regions or are considering settling in the south. Nuggets are hard to convincebut it is sufficient for them to discover our mission of general interest and that we are a start-up with societal impact so that it generally corresponds to this level of values ​​andwe manage to conquer different talents with absolutely crazy profiles

F-Reg president Emmanuel Curinier experienced his first VivaTech this year: “we weren’t A priori not in the usual scope because we are not in B to C solutions (a marketplace for the general public, editor’s note). We are in a particular area, our main customers are network operators like Veolia or Suez and we have seen a few innovation managers in these large groups, they are big customers for us.

With 13 employees, this company from Biot was able to establish new contacts and discuss with entrepreneurs from the Côte d’Azur: it was really energizing because we saw a lot of innovations around us. We were at the Green Tech-focused South Zone pavilion. We were able to exchange our visions and we saw that there is such a dynamic in the region.”

Founded in 2014, F-Reg has patented a valve system that specifically allows the regulation of runoff water to limit flooding. It has an annual turnover of around one million Euros and works with a company in Carros specializing in laser cutting to manufacture its equipment.

Green Score Capital also offers its services in this environmental field. This strong axis displayed by the Southern District pavilion reflects the authorities’ growing interest in innovative technologies in the field of ecology. Clearly, we are seeing an increasing power of actors who are genuinely concerned about the situation. and those who want to implement solutions. Our goal is to be a leader in environmental assessment.” says Valerie Tiersen. His company, which has signed an agreement with CNES, uses the showcase of the show to promote its innovations in the fight for biodiversity conservation.

“Our customers operate in France and internationally. Everyone talks about carbon footprints today, but that is only a small part of the impact. The main issue is biodiversity. There are five pressures on biodiversity, climate change is just one of these five. We will present this vision of global environmental impact to make the right decisions and meet future regulatory constraints. We have the solution that responds to these challenges and provides a holistic vision.” those details.

The health of the digital environment was also at the center of the discussions. The Bodyguard app created in Nice had its own special booth this Friday, June 17th. Already familiar with CES, the company took over the VivaTech team to introduce new solutions and create new connections.

“The goal for us is, highlight our moderation solution, truly B to B, we launched our mobile app in 2021, especially at CES in Las Vegas before. What interests us with VivaTech is to offer our solution for media players, whether gaming or sports. The aim is to explain to companies what we can do. protect them and their communities from toxic content.Celia explains Paris.

This is an opportunity to build connections with existing partners, because we already have about thirty customers and above all we go and meet potential customers. We meet a lot of people and of course it’s always nicer to be able to meet them physically.

celia paris

head of communications at Bodyguard

VivaTech is first of all an opportunity to look at the latest innovations and face a little foresight: “We’re in an entertainment ecosystem with all the startups revolving around the metaverse and web 3 that we integrate ourselves into, because the social networks we’re trying to protect today are tomorrow’s networks on which we also need to move forward.”

But VivaTech is above all a window to the international scene and a new horizon: “We’re in a kind of technological sprint to achieve that.In addition to textual moderation, we can also audit audio, video and image, because that’s all the metastore can do.. The point here is to go even further with spam, scams… anything that hinders online shopping. We will not be satisfied with VivaTech this year and we will go to others as our goal is to develop internationally.”

A dynamic that bodes well, especially in light of the President’s recent statements. Emmanuel Macron at the Palais Expo on Friday, June 17, who wants to see France reach 100 tricolor unicorns by 2030 – or companies whose valuation exceeds one billion euros.