You get your job doing sports in Sarrebourg


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The Crit agency in Sarrebourg is running a somewhat special job that comes out this week, it’s called “Job sporting”. Thursday morning Cosec will be in the gym.

Sound N°1 – Get your job doing sports in Sarrebourg

Anne Scheidler – Head of Critical Agencies in the Sarre-Union, Sarrebourg and Saint-Avold sector

What does a “sport business” consist of? Will job seekers play sports or recruiters?

A sports job is a somewhat innovative and unusual job seeking job that allows recruiters to identify certain skills and qualifications through sport. Candidates presenting themselves will be able to take part in various fitness workshops in front of other candidates and sometimes even recruiters.

What about discipline “tests” that people can test?

Candidates meet in sportswear, shorts or tracksuits at 08:30. Critical agencies will give them a technical tee and a complete sports kit to keep them in top form at events. Activities they can explore will be basketball, table tennis, track and field or cross-fit throughout the morning.

How are we going to dress then? Will there be another interview?

At the end of the tests, informal interviews will be held where Crit teams will invite candidates and recruiters to catch their breath around a brunch offered by agencies and their partners. Then, Olympic high jumper Augustin Bey will increase the motivation of the candidates. Finally, in an informal and unconventional way, candidates will meet recruiters at the stands and around the field, giving them the opportunity to present their resumes and discuss with them.

Which companies will be involved? Did this concept seduce them?

All sectors will be represented as the project is presented to all our customers and partners. There are many well-known companies in the industry that can help us identify their future hires. It is very interesting for them, there are many skills and abilities that can be discovered through sports. For example, recruiters will be able to identify leadership or team spirit through basketball. They will appreciate the reflexes and the desire to exchange with table tennis.

They were also very interested in the principle as they were looking for new profiles that they cannot find at the moment, so why not try this experience with us?

Will non-athletes be penalized?

Existing coaches will offer introductory workshops open to non-athletes. Beyond their sports skills, recruiters will also look for specific technical knowledge and genuine motivation. For those who do not exercise, there is nothing to worry about.

You manage industry agencies Sarrebourg, Sarre-Union and Saint-Avold, do you currently notice any difficulties in recruiting? Could this type of activity help employers find what they’re looking for?

It is true that the employment rate in all of these three sectors is gradually approaching full employment, making it very difficult to find new profiles. However, we have many job offers to offer to our candidates. As an employment agency we must be innovative and seek new ways to identify new talent.

We think that an event like business sports can sometimes allow recruiters to choose a person who would never be selected by simply submitting a resume or a cover letter. It is truly a real opportunity for candidates to position themselves for this sporting job on Thursday, June 2nd.